We’ve all experienced that time when our cat will decide to go somewhere else besides the litter box. The very first thing to consider is a medical problem and they should be checked out by a vet.

However, it can sometimes be as simple as their litter box not being clean enough. One of the nice things about our dear felines is that they are very clean. That can also be a bit of a hassle when it comes to their litter box. What we consider clean enough can be thought of as too dirty for their little paws to even touch it.

A friend of mine just got a kitten and that was one of the first things he asked me…why does he go outside of his box? I told him about being sure to keep it very clean and he said that solved the problem. While he thought he was doing a good job, it wasn’t quite good enough for Festus, shown below.

So keep the litter box clean and avoid the little surprises you’ll find around the house! I have found this to be the number one cause, aside from a medical problem, of them not using their littler box.

friends kitten
Festus, my friend Kenneth’s new kitten.

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