canned cat food

Photo by sskennel at I'm not pushing Fancy Feast, although that's what I feed my cats, I just liked the picture!

I can remember for years I was told by vets to feed my cats only dry food. Canned food would make them fat, wasn’t good for their teeth…whatever. I have always fed my cats both types of food. I felt guilty for years that I gave them canned food. Now, the tides have turned. It turns out that canned food is important to make sure they get enough fluids.

Cats, for some reason I’ve never figured out or heard explained, are not big water drinkers. If they are, it usually means they are sick. If your cat is drinking tons of water you need to have him checked out by your vet. They normally don’t drink that much, so they are prone to urinary problems.

Eating only dry food doesn’t help this problem and so canned has become a good way to make sure they are getting enough water. What a relief to finally stop feeling like the worst cat mama in the world every time I opened up that can. I always thought that we should all have different textures of food. It would be like if we only ate dry cereal and other dry foods…I just can’t imagine this would be good for you or your digestive system! I thought this must be true for cats too. Turned out maybe I was right!

It is just common sense to me, but I have found too often that the medical world doesn’t seem to factor common sense into things. That’s not to say that they don’t know best most of the time, but I also trust my own instincts and often they are right on.  So, go ahead and open those cans…you’ll be helping your cats get the water they need.

I have to say here that, obviously, if your cat has a particular problem that would make canned food bad for them, then ask your vet first.


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