Christmas cat

Hey Mom...wanna play? Photo by justj0000lie at Flickr


If you’re like me, I have probably a hundred cat toys around the house. Seriously. They are under all the furniture, in baskets, all over the place! My brother and his girlfriend have two cats and just as many toys. I told my brother this year we were going to bypass getting the cats toys for Christmas. They certainly don’t need them and will not miss getting any. He agreed! I realized what the better, or BEST,  gift would be.

We’re all busy, busy, busy, especially during the holidays. I realized today that my cats are getting much less attention right now because of this. So my Christmas present to them this year is simple, fun and free…more attention. They are going to be on the top of my daily to do list. They are going to get a good hour of play time, something I don’t do enough! They are also going to get a good hour of cuddle and petting time. They will love this more than another ball or crinkle toy.

Not only will they absolutely love the extra attention, it will give you some needed time to unwind yourself and it doesn’t cost a dime. A win, win, win situation! So forget the toys and give them the gift of love.

If you absolutely have to get them something (and I understand that feeling, believe me!) then consider some cat furniture, a self heating cat bed or good scratching post.  I have to tell you that these links are to my two cat websites, so if you buy something from them, I get a small commission. Just think it’s only right for you to know that! I would love it if you found something you like, but I will still say that your extra attention will be their very best gift ever.

I wish you and your families and cats a Very Merry Christmas!

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