Tired? Stressed to the max? Feeling overwhelmed? These are all too common reactions to the lives we lead today. I feel all of these on most days, at some point, and I’ll bet you do too.

We are expected to accomplish so much in one day that it’s no wonder we are so tired and stressed out by the time we climb into bed. What’s worse is that this can make it hard to fall asleep. It’s almost like we are too tired and it’s keeping us awake! Add in the stressful feelings and it be a rough night of tossing and turning.

Finding ways to de-stress are so important, for both our mental and physical health. I use all kinds of little methods, from drinking a hot cup of tea to reading comforting quotes, to try to relax. But the very best de-stresser in my life is my cats.

When I take a break, and sit down with one of my cats curled up in my lap, it makes my world instantly better. The very act of petting them is so soothing and if they start purring, it’s pure heaven. Even five minutes of this can make my mind and body relax completely.

stress relief

Multiple stress relief...even better! Photo by jon_a_ross at flickr

They have proven that petting an animal can bring about physical changes, such as lowering your blood pressure. I am so happy to see that taking pets to nursing homes, and other places where they aren’t allowed to have pets, has become more common. I can just imagine what that means to the people in there that love animals. I can also imagine that it has to be wonderful “medicine” for them.

The next time you feel as though you are going to crack in half from stress, grab your kitty and have a peaceful moment. Of all the things I have tried (and believe me, I’ve tried a lot of tricks because I am a stress mess) a petting session with one of my babies is the absolute best. Not only does it relax us, but our cat gets extra attention and love too…a win win situation for sure!

My prescription for stress: Take one cat, sit down for petting session for at least five minutes. Repeat as necessary. The only side effect is that it may cause drowsiness, but in this case, that’s a good thing!

Have a peaceful day.


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