I have gotten to that age that when I lay down after dinner to watch TV, I usually end up falling asleep for awhile. Embarrassing to admit, but true! It is such a wonderful nap though and is so much better because of my baby Honey.

This is her quality time with me. She props herself on my shoulder and lays her head against mine. There is nothing

honey the cat

My Honey, my little bed buddy!

sweeter than feeling that soft fur against my face and knowing how happy and content she is.

She also uses her paws like hands and will stretch her arm out and put her little hand (ok, paw, if you want to be technical) on my face. She never uses her claws and is very gentle. She holds my face for a short time and then retracts her arm and snuggles back down.

This is one of those purrfect moments that we have with out cats. Each one has their own habit that is so endearing and brings you so much closer to them.  I would love to have a picture of this, but have no one around to take it and know she would run if a camera appeared.

My nightly nap is so much cozier and special thanks to my Honey. I would love to hear about your purrfect moments…please leave a comment!

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