Annie checking out what's happening outside!

When a friend of mine moved to my town, she had a cat named Andy. He’s very friendly, playful and was used to being around other cats. Feeling he needed a playmate and friend, she wanted to adopt another cat. No problem. The vet I’ve been using for twenty years always has kitties for adoption. So we went into the clinic and found Annie. We loved her at first sight and thought it was a sign…Andy and Annie…how cute!

This was five years ago and she has been to the vet every year for her check-up and shots. Well, a funny thing happened at her last check-up. She wet on the exam table and my vet looked shocked and said, “I think Annie is an Andy.”  After a quick check, it was confirmed that she was indeed a he. He was not aware that we had adopted her (the clinic is very large) and was quite embarrassed when we told him where she came from.  Honestly, he is a great vet, just never had a reason to check for that. He jokingly told me I’d never let him live this one down!

We debated whether to change his name. He couldn’t be Andy, since there was already an Andy. We finally decided to leave things the same. He knows his name as Annie and doesn’t care what he’s called. It was a strange experience to try to now see her…ummm him…as a he. I still think of him as a her and it doesn’t help that he’s a small cat, because he looks more like a she than a he. Very confusing, but kind of funny at the same time. But the great thing about our furry little babies is that they don’t care about such trivial stuff. Annie doesn’t care what you call him, as long as you call him for dinner!


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