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Pay attention to me!
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They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I think with my cats it’s the sincerest form of getting attention.

My Chloe, who is 16,  has always been a quiet cat. It was very rare for her to ever cry or meow. Recently, however, she has noticed Honey screaming to get my attention when it’s time to eat.  Honey never did this until about a year ago, and why she started I don’t know, but that’s the way it is with cats. They have their own mysterious ways.

About six months ago, I heard crying (the whining “I want something” kind) coming from the kitchen. I went out to find Honey and reassure her I was going to feed her soon. To my surprise, she wasn’t there. But sitting on the counter, with a happy smile on her face, was Chloe. She decided Honey had a pretty good gimmick going on. She now talks to me quite often!

I’m sure you’ve noticed this in your cats too. They are very patient and will watch one of the others for a long time before deciding that’s something they need to be doing too. And it’s almost always related to a way of getting attention or something else they want. I find it so cute and amusing.

I have had one problem with this. Ling Ling likes to bite my leg to get my attention and I have been scolding her for this forever, without much luck. Gebel, who is the sweetest cat on earth, decided it was time to start copying Ling Ling and that surprised me. The only difference is that  after a few “no, no…no biting!” scoldings, he quit. I’m not sure Ling Ling ever will. But they have totally different personalities…he’s a lover, she’s hell on wheels…haha.

What habits have your cats picked up from each other?







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