danger signI had heard not to give a cat chocolate, tuna that’s for humans, and aspirin. While I’ve always been careful what I fed them, I had no idea, until recently, how many “human” foods there were that are very dangerous for them.These can make them extremely sick and many can be fatal. One of my cats loved cantaloupe, avocado, artichokes and asparagus. I use to feed him all these things.

After reading several lists, I know I probably still don’t know all the bad foods, as each list has new ones the other list didn’t. So,  in my mind, it’s best to keep them on cat treats that are made especially for them. As my dear mom used to say, “Better safe than sorry.”

So here’s a  list of foods NOT to give them:

Tuna prepared for humans

Onions and garlic (also chives)


Grapes and raisins

Raw eggs

Dog food (and don’t let your dog eat cat food)

Yeast dough


Raw meat and fish


Anything with the sweetener xylitol in it (found in many foods, including candies, baked goods and even toothpastes)

Caffeine (remember to think of all the sources of caffeine…tea, coffee, chocolate, soda pops)

Also, please don’t give your animal alcohol, marijuana or any human medications. I use baby food sometimes, but be sure to get the plain meat kind and check the ingredients. The other varieties usually have onion powder in them. Another note on human medications: some are alright for your cat, but ALWAYS check with your vet first before using them.

I guess as tempting as it is to give them a taste of your dinner when they’re begging for some of it, it’s best to keep some cat treats there to give them instead. I was shocked at some of these foods that I would never have thought could cause them harm and so I just play it safe now. As I said, there may be others I don’t know about.

If your cat does eat something bad, call the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center at 888-426-4435.

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