You get your kids a swing set for the yard with a slide and other fun things to play on. I think of cat furniture…cat trees, cat towers, cat condos…they have all  kinds of names, as your cat’s own playground.  Cat furniture has come a long way. There are so many different sizes and styles to choose from and they have added some great additions, from scratching posts to baskets. I can remember when all you could get was something very small and basic and the colors were absolutely horrible! The ones they have now are actually an attractive addition to your home.

I think it’s important for your cat to have something that’s totally his. A safe place that he can go to when scared or a place to take a nap. The larger and taller cat trees are perfect, especially if you have more than one cat. What cat doesn’t like to sit way up high and stare down at you? I know mine do!

Most of them have sisal scratching posts now, which I can’t recommend enough. They love the sisal and this has cut way down on them scratching the furniture.

Another huge benefit is that it keeps them active and helps with weight loss. I noticed this when one of  my cats was overweight and I bought a large cat tree. I noticed she was losing weight and I hadn’t really changed her diet. Call me stupid, but it took me awhile to realize that all the climbing and playing she was doing on the cat tree was what was helping her lose the weight. They also help them keep limber and agile.

Cat furniture is a win-win situation. I have found the best place to buy it is from Amazon or Wayfair. I will have links to both below. I have to tell you that these are affiliate sites of mine, meaning that if you click on them and buy something, I get a small commission. You have my word that I will never send you to a site that I haven’t either used myself or that I don’t have a high regard for. The reason I say to buy them here is that you can find some great prices. The pet stores are so high priced for these items that I eventually started hunting online and that’s how I came to use Amazon and Wayfair.

There are many more places online to buy cat furniture from too, these just happen to be my favorites. Wherever you buy it, be sure to get something big enough to give them plenty of room to play on. And remember, if you have a kitten, they will grow fast and so a larger one will be money saved down the road.

Your cat will have a ball and so will you…watching them play is a joy! Also remember that cats take awhile to check things out, so if they don’t immediately take to it, give it time. Another trick is to sprinkle a little catnip on it. They will use it when they have decided it’s “safe”…cats are so cautious! One more tip: put it in an out of the way spot so they will feel secure and cozy!

These are just a few from Amazon: Just click on the pic to get all the details!



Wayfair has some great prices and great products! Again, click on the banner to check out what they have to offer!


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