The first time one of my cats got acne, it scared me to death. I had never seen it before and it was covering his entire chin! It looked like his chin had turned black overnight. I rushed him to my vet and was so relieved to find out what it was. He gave me some expensive ointment and I went home, my heart returning to it’s normal beat.

I used the ointment for the prescribed time and it didn’t help. The vet then gave me another type of expensive cream. That didn’t help much either. I have always been interested in natural remedies for my cats and myself, but had never used any. I was still a little afraid of them, not knowing if they were safe or not. Looking in one of my books (see the book below) on the subject, I found out about Calendula.

Calendula is a pot marigold. I was desperate and everything I read about it said it was extremely safe. I figured I was only going to apply this externally and on his chin, not an area he could likely lick! I bought some and mixed it with water. I cleaned his chin thoroughly with it, removing all the black stuff. I then wiped his chin several times that day with it. The next day his chin was completely cleared up. I continued to clean his chin with it for several days, but it never returned. It was quite amazing!

In case you live where they don’t have natural product stores, here’s just one of the Calendula tinctures they sell at Amazon. Just click here to get the details and order.

The next time your kitty gets acne, try it. I have to say, since I’m not a vet or anyone with any medical training, that you should ask your vet about it first. I have used it extensively with my cats and never had any problems. You might want to print out something about it to take to your vet to read, because a lot of them are not familiar with natural remedies. Click here for an excellent article about Calendula in general.

Speaking of home remedies and natural remedies, I wanted to share one of my favorite books on the subject with you. One of the things I like about this particular book is it is written by doctors and is full of practical, easy advice.

 Click book for all the details!

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