Sheila BergquistHi, I’m Sheila Bergquist. Cats are such remarkable creatures! They have their own set of rules and preferences, ones that as their owners we must learn over time. Anyone who loves cats knows they think we are there to serve them and expect us to do exactly that. While we pretty much do that, we sometimes have to make them follow our rules. I hope to pass on tips and information here to help you do that. This site is a collection of things I’ve learned from my years of experience with my cats. I hope you enjoy it and it helps you and your cat live in perfect harmony!

Right now I have 25 cats and no, I’m not a cat hoarder. Please read my post “How I  Ended Up With 25 Cats!”  to see how this happened. I didn’t purposely set out to have that many, but life happens, as they say. They are a handful, but one I wouldn’t trade for the world.

I hope you find my site informative and entertaining. Thanks for checking it out and come back often!



I wanted to add that I do have affiliate links and products in some of my posts. For those who don’t know what this is, it means that when you click on that link or product and buy something, I receive a small commission on that. But please be assured that I only recommend products I believe will help you or that I have used myself. It’s just a way to make a little money to keep up with the bills, so thank you, if you click and buy!