Some of my babies hanging out together!

As I watch all my cats interact, I can only think…why can’t people be more like them? I am amazed at how well they get along and how they work things out. Not always! I have had to split up some squabbles and there have been times when two cats just did not get along at all and had to be separated, but this has been rare.

I recently inherited my brother’s cat when he passed away (read about that here if you like) and was worried about how the other cats would accept him. I very gradually introduced them and they have been wonderful to him. I also told them how he was upset and needed them to be friendly (they do understand what you’re saying to them).

It has been so touching to see them play with him and accept him. It has also been heartwarming to see him happy and at peace again, after all he’s been through.

Another thing is how they share. They will give up their favorite spot or toy to one of the others in time. And then they will get it back after the other cat has had their fill of it. It’s amazing to see this happen time and time again.

They also watch out for each other. All one of them has to do is cry and they will go searching to see what’s up. They comfort each other, they clean each other, they share food…so many kind things!

I recently lost my brother, his girlfriend (who was my best friend for over forty years) and their other cat. I am ashamed to say that many of  my “friends” have not given me the same kind of kindness that my cats have given to Annie (who is a he, but has a girls name…you’ll have to read about that here too!). That’s why I have friends in quotes…they have proven to me they aren’t really friends.

Animals are so full of love and don’t expect much in return. They deserve far more than they expect and it’s a shame that some humans can’t realize this and behave more like them.

There’s that saying you see on mugs and t-shirts, etc…something along the line of how you hope to be the person you’re cat (or dog) thinks you are. My cats make me try to be a better person more than anything else. They remind  me to be kind and loving to others. Which is good because I’m not as loving toward humans as I am toward animals! I admit it! So even I have to say to myself…why can’t I be more like my cats?

Lets all strive to be copy cats! Sorry for the pun…couldn’t help it. They truly know the important things in life.