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My Purrfect Moments With Honey

I have gotten to that age that when I lay down after dinner to watch TV, I usually end up falling asleep for awhile. Embarrassing to admit, but true! It is such a wonderful nap though and is so much better because of my baby Honey.

This is her quality time with me. She props herself on my shoulder and lays her head against mine. There is nothing

honey the cat

My Honey, my little bed buddy!

sweeter than feeling that soft fur against my face and knowing how happy and content she is.

She also uses her paws like hands and will stretch her arm out and put her little hand (ok, paw, if you want to be technical) on my face. She never uses her claws and is very gentle. She holds my face for a short time and then retracts her arm and snuggles back down.

This is one of those purrfect moments that we have with out cats. Each one has their own habit that is so endearing and brings you so much closer to them.  I would love to have a picture of this, but have no one around to take it and know she would run if a camera appeared.

My nightly nap is so much cozier and special thanks to my Honey. I would love to hear about your purrfect moments…please leave a comment!

How My Cats Have Helped My Grief

In 2005 I lost my dad to cancer. In 2007, my  mom, who had developed dementia, crossed over too. I use the expression crossed over because I just like the sound of it. A week and a half ago, my brother (the only family I had left) had a fatal heart attack…totally unexpected. To say that I’m in shock and devastated is understating it.

hugging cat

Such comfort!
Photo by Arkansas ShutterBug at

In each case, my cats have been a huge factor in my recovery from these horrible events that we all have to face and deal with.  They have been my angels, my saviors.

Animals are so in tune with our emotions, much more than humans I feel. They know when we are upset and are right there to comfort us. They stay closer to us, give us their wonderful unconditional love and let us cry without making us feel bad about it.

They keep me going. I have to make sure they are fed and their litter boxes cleaned, because, despite my despair, they come first.  I also have to step outside of myself and give them attention and love. I have to think of someone else besides me. They make me get up each day, when all I want to do is hide under the covers.

I have taken in my brother’s two cats and I have to help them cope. Their whole world has changed too and they need extra TLC. They miss my brother, they have to adjust to new surroundings, share with other cats…it’s so hard for them too. But having to help them helps me.

All of you cat lovers (or any animal lover) know what I mean. Our animals are such a comfort and I’d be lost without them. They can truly help you when you are drowning in grief and sadness. I am alone now as far as humans go (except for a few friends) but not truly alone because of all my babies. Frankly, they are better company than most people. For one thing, I can just be myself. They don’t judge me or make me feel like I have to put up a front.

If you’re reading this, thank you.  If you are going through a rough period, your cats will help you through it.