If you have a cat that sprays, you know the importance of having a good product to deal with the odor this leaves. It is so strong and unpleasant. Years ago I had a wonderful product for this purpose but, unfortunately, they quit making it quite some time ago.  Over the years I have tried so many different brands of odor/stain removers that I’ve lost count. I hate to say that most of them were not very good and one even made the odor worse!

cats face

Who me? I did what?
Photo by Tina Phillips at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Even if you aren’t dealing with a cat that sprays, we all have the hairballs, other vomiting incidents and missed litter box accidents to clean up. A friend of mine, Dawn, just recently told me about Fizzion, a product she uses. I ordered it from Amazon and have spent the last month testing it out. I will never recommend something to you that I don’t have personal experience with.

This product is terrific. First of all, the way you “prepare” it is great. You fill the bottle with water, drop in two tablets and let it sit until dissolved. No more trying to pour more solution from a heavy refill bottle into your spray bottle. If you’re like me, I usually ended up spilling quite a bit of it.

It is fizzy…hence the name, I assume…and is very effective at removing odors. Some of my ferals outside (who live in their screened- in house) spray the things I have  out there for them. I tried it on those items and the odor was gone. In the house, I have cleaned up several vomiting incidents and it has cleaned the carpet beautifully.

It will last for 18 months after mixed and there are  refill tablets you can then order. It’s also natural and safe for children, pets and your home. I’m thrilled to have found this and wanted to pass it on to you. Just click on image to order.

Something else: While this has nothing to do with cats, I like to share sites that I think are good and my friend Dawn Reklai has one for couples who are trying to have a baby and having problems doing so. It’s very informative, so if you have a need for this kind of site please visit hers at www.howtoconceiveababy. Thanks!