Photo by hatch m at Flickr

We’ve all been through having a sick kitty who isn’t eating well.  I’ve found a few tricks to share that might help.

Baby Food

This is the one that works almost every time. Get some plain meat baby food and please be sure it’s just meat. No veggies, nothing else, as they have onion in them and it’s toxic to cats. I know that Gerber and Beech-Nut brands have no onion in the  plain meat varieties. If you choose any other brand, check the ingredient label first.

Most cats love this. Being that it’s pure meat, which cats need, I have always felt it is very healthy for them. I wouldn’t use it as a steady diet, of course, but for a sick kitty it’s great!

Purina Whisker Lickin’s Tender Moments Treats

These are very soft and can be crumbled with ease! I have used them to sprinkle over canned food. They have chicken, salmon and chicken and cheese flavors. The only problem I’ve found is that I have to go to a pet store to get the Tender Moments. For some reason, at least where I live, the grocery stores are not carrying the Tender Moments, only the harder varieties of Purina treats.

Any Brand of Dry Food

I will buy Friskies dry food in one of those mutiflavor varieties, like Surf and Turf. I got a cheap coffee grinder and grind up the dry food, which I then sprinkle over canned food. Since they usually don’t get these varieties, it’s like junk food for them…very enticing!

Tuna Oil

Drizzling just a little oil from your can of tuna over the food can awaken their appetite. Or, if you are desperate enough to get them to eat, mix a little of the tuna in the food. While people tuna is not good for cats, if you need to get them to eat, a little over a few days is better than them not eating at all.