If We Could Only Be Like Our Cats!


Some of my babies hanging out together!

As I watch all my cats interact, I can only think…why can’t people be more like them? I am amazed at how well they get along and how they work things out. Not always! I have had to split up some squabbles and there have been times when two cats just did not get along at all and had to be separated, but this has been rare.

I recently inherited my brother’s cat when he passed away (read about that here if you like) and was worried about how the other cats would accept him. I very gradually introduced them and they have been wonderful to him. I also told them how he was upset and needed them to be friendly (they do understand what you’re saying to them).

It has been so touching to see them play with him and accept him. It has also been heartwarming to see him happy and at peace again, after all he’s been through.

Another thing is how they share. They will give up their favorite spot or toy to one of the others in time. And then they will get it back after the other cat has had their fill of it. It’s amazing to see this happen time and time again.

They also watch out for each other. All one of them has to do is cry and they will go searching to see what’s up. They comfort each other, they clean each other, they share food…so many kind things!

I recently lost my brother, his girlfriend (who was my best friend for over forty years) and their other cat. I am ashamed to say that many of  my “friends” have not given me the same kind of kindness that my cats have given to Annie (who is a he, but has a girls name…you’ll have to read about that here too!). That’s why I have friends in quotes…they have proven to me they aren’t really friends.

Animals are so full of love and don’t expect much in return. They deserve far more than they expect and it’s a shame that some humans can’t realize this and behave more like them.

There’s that saying you see on mugs and t-shirts, etc…something along the line of how you hope to be the person you’re cat (or dog) thinks you are. My cats make me try to be a better person more than anything else. They remind  me to be kind and loving to others. Which is good because I’m not as loving toward humans as I am toward animals! I admit it! So even I have to say to myself…why can’t I be more like my cats?

Lets all strive to be copy cats! Sorry for the pun…couldn’t help it. They truly know the important things in life.


How To Ease Your Cats Grief



Animals grieve too…something we all know, but many people (idiots) scoff at.  This is a story about Annie, the same one I wrote another post on. To try to make a long story short, my friend adopted Annie and she was also to become my brother’s girlfriend eventually, so they had two cats, Andy and Annie. My brother passed away about nine months ago  and my friend about four months ago, both very unexpectedly.  I, of course, took in Andy and Annie. They lost their “parents” and home and I did my best to make them comfortable and secure.

Andy had always had sinus problems and they continued to get worse. I tried everything under the sun to get him well…antibiotics, special immune building medicine, nose drops, even an herbal concoction, but his health continued to fail, he lost weight and couldn’t breathe properly. Nothing was working and I finally had to let him go. It was devastating.

Now, here was Annie…not only having lost her (I still think of her as a she, even though she’s a he…you have to read the other post!) original family and home, but now her best buddy. It was heartbreaking and I knew she was grieving too. She has five other cats in the house to play with, but I was taking time to introduce her to all of them so she wouldn’t be under any  more stress. I’ve found it’s best to do this slowly.

I gave her lots of attention, special treats and love. I talked to her about how I knew how much she missed Andy and that he had gone to be with Dusty and Lesa (my brother and my friend) and that he was ok. They understand when we talk to them. She would look at me with sad eyes and nuzzle my hand. I told her I missed him too and I think she was trying to comfort me too. They are miraculous in that way. They know when you’re upset and try to help.

With lots of extra care she is finally happy and getting to know the other cats. She and Chloe have become close and she is doing fine. We’ve all helped each other through this horrendous time. We must always recognize that animals grieve as much as we do. We’ve heard the stories of them laying for days at someones grave. And it doesn’t take much to recognize the signs when they are sad. It is really no different than having young children when something like this happens. They know what’s going on and they need extra care. So, pour on that extra love and attention, talk to them about  it and it will help.

We miss you Andy.

The Agonizing Decision: Keep Treating or Let Go


Which way to go?
Photo by David Castillo Dominici at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I had to have one of my babies put to sleep Monday. It is always an agonizing decision and a heartbreaking one. I have had to make this decision so many, many times that it has taught me a few things along the way. Here is one thing that I’ve been taught the hard way.

The cat I’m talking about was Andy. He had suffered the last couple of years from a constant sinus problem. He would sneeze, cough and his nose would run, but always just clear liquid. He’s been to the vet more times than I can count and given all sorts of medications for it. He had x-rays done and they were fine. The vet said it was just sinuses.

Well, in the last couple of years we have forced antihistamine medications down him, antibiotics and I even tried an herbal formula. He would get better for a couple of weeks and then be right back to square one. He hated all the medication and nothing seemed to cure it. It was just an endless circle.

This last time, I went through the normal routine…antihistamines, the herbal stuff, some immune building supplements.  I even tried saline nose drops…everything I could think of. He continued to get worse and in time the fluid from his nose was yellow and smelly. I knew he was seriously ill.

This is where I had to agonize over what to do. I knew from the past that antibiotics would not get rid of it and he would be sick again soon. He had lost weight and was just miserable. I decided to have him put to sleep instead of trying to keep treating him. It was one of the times I’ve had to  make that call and it is a horrible thing to have to decide.

I have come to believe, through all my babies illnesses, that it is sometimes kinder and more loving to let them out of their misery instead of embarking on a long drawn out battle of treatment. Especially when the treatment is not a final cure… that’s a different story. I look back sometimes at how I tried so hard to hang onto them and it only prolonged their misery. To me, that is more heartbreaking.

We are so lucky, although it doesn’t feel like it at the time, to be able to gently and painlessly let them go rest in peace.  We aren’t lucky enough to be able to do this for humans, but at least we can for our furry babies. It doesn’t make your grief any less painful, but it helps to know you were able to let them be free of  their pain and agony.

So if you are torn about a situation such as this, think carefully about it and go with your gut instinct. I knew several days before I actually did it that this was the best way for him, but I finally had to force  myself to do it. I hope this helps anyone who is facing this dilemma. It is one of the bravest things you will ever do because you are putting their misery before your own.

I’m glad you are resting in peace Andy…I love you and miss you with all my heart, but I am glad you are feeling fine now.



I wish all of you a very lucky and fortunate New Year!


This cat is so patient! Have good holidays!


Brrrr…Time to Keep Kitty Warm!

I have always had the regular cat beds for my kitties and they love them. I put fuzzy warm blankets in there in the winter. I  usually get fleece baby blankets for this. They love them and it keeps them warm and cozy.

However, I started a site about four years ago specializing in cat beds (www.findheatedcatbedsandmore.com, please take a peek at it!) and learned a lot about both electric heated cat beds and self heating cat beds.

To be  honest, I think the electric heated cat beds are great for cats that may be suffering from  arthritis or recuperating from an operation, but not so necessary for everyday use. Heat  is wonderful therapy and so comforting. How many of us have used a heating pad for our many discomforts? So for special circumstances they are terrific for your cat.

The surprising thing I found though is that most of my cats prefer the self heating beds. They put some kind of material in the bed that radiates your pets warmth back to them. No need to plug it in, so you can put it anywhere and not worry about an outlet being close. Saves money…no electricity needed and also no need to worry about turning it off when you are not at home (something I highly recommend you do).

Here are some examples of these beds and yes, they are affiliate links, meaning if you click on them and buy one, I make a small commission on it. If you do, thanks in advance.

For some reason they keep showing dogs in here, even though I looked up cat beds…haha…but trust me, they are for cats too!  Just click on any picture to take you to the Amazon page to read all about them!

Another great find was the self heating pads. That way you can add these to your existing bed for winter and not have to buy an entire new bed. I also have them for my feral cats that are outdoors in their screened in houses. Here are some of those. Again, just click on the pic to find out all the details!

Most of the cats sleep with me on the bed at night, but during the day they head for their own beds. The funny thing is they use the self heating beds even in the summer. With the air conditioner running, I guess they are cool enough to still enjoy the warmth!

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